MAHLE steers steady course through coronavirus crisis


Message from Dr. Jörg Stratmann, MAHLE CEO, to all MAHLE employees


MAHLE and Triumph cooperate in the manufacture of face masks

MAHLE Powertrain

MAHLE Powertrain provides engineering & consultancy services for the design, testing, development, calibration and integration of hybridised internal combustion engines and electrified powertrain systems. As a partner to vehicle manufacturers, MAHLE Powertrain is a recognised expert in leading-edge research, development and application of advanced drivelines, control systems and software into high performance, production feasible solutions for future powertrains. MAHLE Powertrain is the Engineering Services subsidiary of the MAHLE Group, operating independently of the main group in the selection of the most appropriate technologies or components across automotive and other related sectors. MAHLE Powertrain has eight technical centres strategically located in the UK, Germany, USA, China and Brazil, supporting our customers locally across all regions. The MAHLE Group is well-known as a leading international Tier 1 partner in the areas of engine systems, filtration, mechatronics and thermal management. MAHLE Powertrain was formed following the acquisition of Cosworth Technology from Audi AG in 2005.

White Papers

White Papers

Here you can view our technical white papers.



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